Here is a sample of some work I've done, professionally and personally. I've also done tons of work as an open sourcerer, which is up on GitHub. If you would like to see a more formal resume, here it is.

Open Source

Personal - Commit 451

I love giving back to the community and working on open source software. Myself, my wife, and friends create open source libraries and cool apps under the name Commit 451. With 10 apps, 2 sites, and over 50 Android libraries, we are passionate about development and design.

QuickActionView, a Pinterest inspired floating action button window.

PhysicsLayout, a FrameLayout that simulates 2D physics on the views within it using JBox2D.

skyhook parses various webhooks and forwards them in the proper format to a Discord server.

LUSH Cosmetics

Oven Bits

At Ovenbits, under the Pivot E-Commerce team, our team created native iOS and Android apps for our client, LUSH Cosmetics USA. We integrated with an existing Demandware backend to create a custom app, full of social content and fun animations. The app works with both their Canadian and United States storefronts.

A user can choose to checkout with either PayPal or with their credit card

LabCoat for GitLab

Personal - Commit 451

LabCoat is an native Android app built in Kotlin you can use to connect to and view projects hosted on a GitLab server. Currently the most stared Kotlin project on GitLab.com and the 7th most starred project of all GitLab.com repos, it was created to give back to the GitLab community, and has over 50,000 installs on the Play Store. Enjoyed by the CTO of GitLab. Did I mention it is open source?

The app supports signing in to multiple accounts, as well as custom GitLab servers.



GameStop gives power to the players via their native apps for iOS and Android. With only two Android developers creating the 2.0 native app, I helped integrate material design and 5.0 features, created an RSS reader for connecting to GameInformer feeds, and lead other features such as Saved Searches and Preorder tracking.

Integration with the GameInformer RSS feed.

Customers have the ability to save searches for later.

Customers can view their card and save to Android Pay to show in stores.

365 Journals

Personal - Commit 451

My wife and I created this app to help people maintain a daily journal, prompting them with 366 different questions, one for each day. When you finish out a year of entries, you come back to the same questions, and can compare what you wrote the previous year to what you wrote this year. With over 90,000 installs on the Play Store, we love to hear about how it has changed lives by giving people somewhere to focus some of their writing and feelings.

We also created a journal that gives you a quote each day.

Customized Communications

Oven Bits

Our team at Oven Bits worked with Customized Communications to create a series of apps that help women track their journey to parenthood. Women can use the app to track their contractions, immunization records, hospital appointments, and much more.

open meh

Personal - Commit 451

meh.com is a quirky site that gives you a different deal of the day every 24 hours. open meh is an open source Android app based on the meh.com API. The API sends back a "theme" that the app uses to dynamically color the UI for each different deal. Through creating this app, we created our open source library Easel, which helps you tint Android views with ease.

SPG - Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Bottle Rocket

For the SPG app, I contributed to the SPG Keyless experience, which allows you to check into their hotels via the app and get a digital key to your room at supported hotels. I also worked on the guest special preferences feature which allowed guests to specify their room preferences when booking their stay.

Who What Where

Personal - Commit 451

Word games can be tons of fun, and we wanted to bring that experience to mobile so that others could enjoy a good word game without needing cards, pen and paper, or even a timer. Who What Where gives you a who, a what, and a where, and it is your job to get your teammates to guess all three, and score a point for your team.


Personal - Commit 451

One day at work, we thought it would be cool and funny if every time our project manager walked into the office, "Turn Down for What" would play. With this inspiration, Commit451 created GeoTune. GeoTune lets you set geofences wherever you want and will play a notification tone or any other media when you enter that geofence.


Bottle Rocket

NBC called upon Bottle Rocket's AWE team to create apps for their major channels, including NBC proper. I worked with a team to apply custom designs to these channels individual apps. I also contributed to the AWE video playback framework, fixing obscure MediaPlayer issues and other fun things.


Personal - Commit 451

Wikipedia fun! A race from one subject to another by clicking links within Wikipedia articles. After playing this game with friends using our browsers, we decided it would be a fun app to create.

You can send custom links to others that would challenge them to link the same articles you did